Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ready to Roast

A little Summer Harvest of ripe tomatoes ready to pop into the oven for roasting in a vintage glass Pyrex baking dish. Bathed in golden olive oil, slices of pungent garlic, and dusted with dried Italian seasoning mix. The "before" look is much more beautiful than the "after" results of shriveled peels atop a little circular glob of roasted tomato, but the sweet and complex roasted taste will surpass the visual.

I'm continuing to work on developing a quicker, more expressive style. This one is 7x10 pen and ink drawing with gouache paints on paper. I'm working with gouache for the first time, and wondering why it took me so long. For me, it's a happy marriage between watercolors and acrylics that is allowing my brush to do what I've been trying to get watercolors to do. It has the same fluidity of watercolors, but the paper dries faster because I use less water, so I can control better the 'bloom', or in otherwords, the bleeding of one color into another when you add another layer before the bottom paper is dry. With gouache, you can control the bloom. If you add more water to the pigment, you can get a thin watercolor wash effect, but with less water it can also be opaque like acrylics and you can fix some errors that may happen or add some white highlights that may have mistakenly been painted over.

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