Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mockingbird is King

Here goes, my first time posting to Illustration Friday! This is a micron pen drawing with watercolor wash on paper. 

We have a Mockingbird pair that live in across the street in a rhododenron bush. The male likes to sing loudly and chase away all the other birds his size and bigger (!) from our property. He particularly likes to sit at the top spire of one of the tall blue spruce trees we have in our yard. In the morning and afternoon he will sing his whole repertoire of his version of different bird song and other non-bird noises, like car alarms, very loudly for the whole neighborhood to hear. I saw him perched atop the spruce one afternoon as I sat out sketching in the backyard and was inspired to draw this due to his very regal manner. No doubt, he is the king of the neighborhood!

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