Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Female Cardinal

There's a cardinal pair that visits my backyard everyday. This year, the Mrs. and  Mr. had two young ones, both female. This young female is just starting to come into her colors, her beak isn't quite the bright orange that it will be soon. I took some artistic liberties punching up her color on the wings and tail a little. A hint of ultramarine blue with burnt sienna at the eye mask and the wing to liven up the usually sedate colors even more. The juveniles are always a little rumply looking due to their new feathers over the downy ones. I think she looks kind of sassy.

I also figured out how to finally paint the background with a light wash of blue to make the trees recede, but still read as being a thicket of trees. Before I was always painting the trees as their true color and the focal point would get lost by my giving priority to everything. A new technique for me to play around with and get used to. This was done in Micron pen, then a light gouache on paper.

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