Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lily Pond

My latest ink and watercolor wash, with a little colored pencil. It's a 9 x 12 on hot press watercolor paper. In a walk around Pine Grove Cemetary in Lynn, you'll come across a small pond filled with lily pads, turtles, ducks, and one blue heron. (Maybe two, could be a nest on the little island inside the pond where I saw one heron walk up into one day.)  I didn't see the frog there, but the lily pad was waiting for one to come by, so I thought I would help it imagine one. I drew a green frog, common for the North East US, which looks a lot like a bullfrog, only smaller and has the ridgelines run down it's back, where the bullfrog is bigger and the ridgeline encircles the ear drum only, and doesn't travel down its' back. Both the green frog and the bullfrogs' coloring are similar with the lighter whitish yellow on the belly and the green/brown on the top, with brown banded legs markings.

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