Monday, September 16, 2013

Border Collie

My latest pet portrait, a sweet little border collie. The medium was colored pencil on pastel paper, the image fits in an 8 x 10. This pic was from before I put the white mat around it.

It was my first black haired dog using colored pencil. Paint is so much more forgiving than colored pencil, with pencil you really have to think about what is going to show through from the lower layers, including the paper, as well as the base pencil marks. The gray background color helped establish the highlights in the dark areas and let itself be used as the shadowy parts of the white legs and neck, a great multi-purposed method. Next time I'll try using Bristol to see the difference of smooth paper vs textured. The camera shot makes this look much more grainier than it is to your eye when you see it in person, the textured dots help the light move towards your eye, giving the image a moving quality.

I'm back with more time for creativity. The last 8 months have been spent working long hours at my full time job and taking some classes for educational enrichment. I have some sketches of koi fish that are heading this way, stay tuned!