Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cardinal Pair

A pair of cardinals has been visiting my backyard lately. It's obvious that they've heard that there's copious amounts of black sunflower seeds available, they've been coming each morning and evening. They're very quick and wary, always looking around and it's hard to catch them close together for a photo op. The female usually is on the ground where the seeds are while the male stays up in the ornamental cherry tree branches above or on the fence just below that. The female's colors are very good at blending in with the ground and dried leaves, mostly buff colored with just a hint of red on her head crest, a little on her wings, and a dull red on her tail. The male of course is brilliantly colored with the red hood and pinky, gray edged wings. I love to see him swoop from tree to tree zeroing in on the sunflower seeds.

I sketched this with pencil and pen, then lots of watercolor washes and layers. I gave it more of a summery feel than what is  in season now, I wanted a lush green background to amplify the brilliant red of their plumage.

I've been stalking some Tufted Titmouses with my camera this week, I think I'll work on something with them next.

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Lisa B.

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Claudia Marchand said...

Lisa - you always seem to capture that animated gesture, that bit of communication through body language with your birds. This painting seems more cheerful and charming, reflecting an optimism for the new year. The watercolor seems looser and I love that vibrant green offsetting the warm colors of the birds. Lovely!