Sunday, September 25, 2011


I've been working on this one for a while. Yes, I'm a slow painter. A very slow painter, which is why I retired the notion of being a mural painter. I painted a few murals in people's homes, with my busy full time job schedule, it had to be after work and on weekends, and I would try to push myself to move faster, cover more area, get the idea out with broad strokes like most murals are made up of, but I would just have to go back over what I did before because it never looked good enough. So I've accepted that I'm a slow painter and that's that. I do sketch and work with colored pencils at a much quicker pace, so I try to move back and forth between the two, to get a better sense of accomplishment. So guess what's next? A few sketches and colored pencil drawings will be coming soon. So this painting is also a much larger size, "18 x 24", than I have been working in, which has usually been 8" x 10". So double the size and change to acrylics means the seasons will change before I finish. I was able to snap some photos of seagulls wading through the incoming surf at a nearby beach. There was no wind, so the water was slowly rippling, with long flat, mirror like panels. It was also at sunset, so the water was full of colors that you don't usually associate with the cold Atlantic, purples and greens, rosy reds. I think this painting is a perfect goodbye to the summer season.