Sunday, November 7, 2010

Welcome Fall! Red and Green Maple Leaves.

I love the colors of fall. It's so exhilarating to go for a walk in the cool crisp air with warm sunshine, shoes scuffing loudly, ever on the lookout for an amazing leaf. I picked a bunch of different leaves up during a walk a couple of weeks ago in Lynn Woods Reservation, this drawing above came from a branch that fell, four sister leaves still clung to the branch. The red and green contrasting colors were so eye catching, and that there were four related ones, so much the better. I wanted to include the rips and tears that each leaf had, a visual of it's life journey, so much more interesting than trying to always show perfection.

The drawing was done on 140 lb watercolor paper, 9 x 12. I'm seriously going to have to start cutting the paper down to fit my flatbed scanner, I apologize for the darkened area on the bottom where I had to squish the cover down to get the whole image in. I haven't gotten the hang of taking good digital photos of my work yet, so I prefer to use the scanner.

I started drawing with Derwent watercolor pencils, used a wet brush to give the leaves a nice watercolor wash. I like using the watercolor pencils, they allow me to build up areas of more pigment, or leave areas with just a hint of wash color. After the watercolors dried, I went on to use colored pencils to add more detail and build up layers of color. This is where I can play around with all kinds of different colors, adding small spots and lines of colors that add visual excitement without losing the image, there is a lot of Imperial purple, Orange Chrome, Chartreuse Green, and Scarlet Lake in here.


Jeanne said...

Hi, This is a wonderful drawing. I love the combination of watercolor and colored pencils. I am really slow Lisa, taking me such a long time to feel really well. Keep up the great work. Love, Jeanne

Claudia Marchand said...

Hi Lisa, There is an excitement in your leaves that is hardly contained! The color combinations and the jagged leaf edges appear to burst with energy and vivacity. I hope this is reflecting how you feel inside. Winter is going to be tough but we have to keep inspiring each other and I will post soon, promise!