Monday, September 13, 2010

Work in progress

I'm currently working on a couple of different things, nothing is close to being finished, but I thought I'd post some works in progress anyway.

I'm alternating back and forth between a graphite drawing and two watercolor and colored pencil pieces. The watercolor and colored pencil pieces are both in celebration of fall, the days are finally cooler, I'm able to breath (always a plus), and I absolutely love the fall colors and the warm days and cool nights. I started off with a color wash, then went in and put layers of detail with the colored pencils. These chinese lanterns are amazing. They are dried out, but the color is still vivid red/orange. I'm in love with being able to see the ribs and the veins that show in white outlines. They are so magical looking, like little fairy houses.

While I wait for the washes to dry, or am not sure what new color layer is needed next, I switch gears and work on the graphite drawing.

I'm not sure how much detail I'm going to show on the goose drawing, I like that the background remains abstract, and most of the feathers are just scribbles and gradations of value instead of trying to draw every one. I also am trying to keep nice balance of darks and lights. It's not "there" yet, and I may need to put it away for a couple of days so I can really see what's going on and take my time choosing what the next correct changes will be, instead of overworking it. I can't always work like this, switching between color and black and white, between painting and drawing. Sometimes I just need to focus on one thing, but other times, when I'm feeling the flow of creativity, I am able to shuffle back and forth between different subjects and mediums. It feels great when that can happen, but for me, it doesn't happen often, so I take advantage of it when it does.