Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Boomer. 9 x 12, colored pencil

Please meet Boomer. He's a sweet little Yorkie that a friend of mine commissioned a pet portrait of. Her son and his fiance live with her right now, but they'll be moving out soon, taking Boomer with them, and she wanted a drawing of him to remember him by. I used colored pencil on a light tan pastel paper. Boomer has a lot of blonde coloring on his face, so the tan pastel paper made a great midtone base that I could use to find the lights and darks more easily with. This was really fun, I'm going to play around with colored pencils some more.


Jeanne said...

Hi, I love your Boomer. What a great drawing. How are you? I am starting my fall classes tomorrow. I will be teaching Tues, Thurs, Sat mornings 10 to noon. I am happy to be back especially after my really bad July and August.
All things really do change. Nothing is forever. Love, Jeanne

Claudia Marchand said...

What a nice idea and a beautiful drawing! I love dog portraits. Yours looks entirely professional and classic.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, this is a great drawing! I can see the life and expression in his eyes. I can't wait for you to do Bear's drawing. You do great work!