Thursday, June 3, 2010

Northern Mocking Bird

Here's a quick and loose watercolor and colored pencil sketch of one of the Northern Mockingbirds that live in the old fashioned rose bush in the parking lot at work. They do have such an assortment of bird calls, hence the name "mocking" because they copy other species songs, as well as some car alarm sounds (!), that at first I couldn't figure out what type of bird this was. And they certainly are very protective of their territory, I saw many a cardinal chased out of the rose bush this past winter, the Mockingbird guarding it's winter supply of the tiny red rose hips that the old fashioned rose produces.

And I have exciting news! This week I moved into my new artist studio! I've rented a shared artist studio space at the Lydia Pinkham building in Lynn, MA. (Mark your calendars for the December 2010 Open Studios!) I've got everything set up, and started working on a couple of new little sketches and washes to loosen up. I think it will be nice to be in a space with other artists to get some immediate feedback, and to breathe in the creative air. I'll take some pictures soon and post them once I get some new work going.


Jeanne said...

thanks Lisa, I am working at the gallery today and plan to take pictures of the walls with my art on them.
How are you? So nice to hear from you.

Jeanne said...

Lisa, How exciting to be involved in an artist space all your own. Being with other artist is very important. I will mark my Dec calendar, You know I am in the Manchester, NH area so Lynn is not so far away. Jeanne

Claudia Marchand said...

Hi Lisa! I'm so happy for you to have your own creative space with lots of light and new acquaintances. I wish you all the best in your new studio. Cheers to the one year anniversary of our art blogs! I think it helps an artist so much to take the time to write about their art. think objectively about it and share it. It helps open the heart.

Like your leaves, I can see your birds as a series, filling up a wall (or possibly even a book paired with lovely poetic text!) You have a soft touch with your pencil and brush and it's so lovely. Now that you have a larger studio you'll be able to see them all together on a wall. I think you will grow exponentially this next year! Kudos to you!