Friday, June 18, 2010

The new studio!

A quick peak at my new studio! I created a bench out of two metro wire racks and a formica counter top from a discount building supply store. It's very sturdy and exactly the right height, as my still wonderful old work chair is made for benches and won't get any lower to go under a standard table. I love working from there on all my multi-various projects. The table is a family antique that has weathered all kinds of craft and household projects for at least 2 generations or more. The space is shared with 6 other artists, and it's a big open space, so there's lots of room to stretch out visually. One of the artists works on large canvases and needs the room to physically move around. My work is small and so I just need a small space, but I enjoy the big, bright room. Even though there are 6 of us, we all seem to be on different schedules, so when I go in from 6 to 9 during the week, I usually have the place to myself, which is nice.

The 9 x 12 painting that can be seen on the easle is the first painting I've attempted in a while, and my painting skills have seemed to have rusted up. I'll work on it a couple of more hours, but if it doesn't turn the corner soon, I'll end up painting over it with gesso. I have had success on another seagull pencil drawing, and I'll be posting that soon, just have to bring it home to scan it.

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Claudia Marchand said...

Congratulations Lisa! How exciting to have your own space and I like how open it is. Something you'll have to get used to coming from where you were working up until now. I hope you enjoy it and use it often.