Sunday, May 16, 2010

In Memory of my kitty Zen

April was a very sad month for me. My kitty Zen, my companion for over 13 years, passed away. He developed a lymphoma tumor in his abdomen, and only lasted for two weeks after the diagnosis. I have him buried in my family's pet cemetery in Maine. The day after his burial, I tried looking for some type of memorial stone for him, but I couldn't find anything I liked. Some statuary looked too comical, others looked too generic. I decided that I would make a mosaic headstone for him. I bought a slab of quartz for a base, and selected porcelain tiles, which are weatherproof, for the mosaic. I used thin set mortar for adhesion and grout, making this headstone one that will last for decades.

It's amazing how interconnected our lives become with our pets, and our human loved ones, for that matter. I still miss him all the time, and the routines that no longer happen. I'm glad I was able to make a memorial for him that will last for a long time, it felt like something that I had to do, and I was glad that I was able to do it.


Jeanne said...

Lisa, I am so sorry about your little kitty. Losing a pet is so hard to go through. I have had many pets and losing them never gets easier. I love your mosaic for the pet cemetary. That is a lasting tribute a very beautiful one. Love, Jeanne

Claudia Marchand said...

What a lovely tribute to Zen! It's so personal-looking, not generic, like you said. I can understand why everyone you show it to wants one now. I hope you are feeling better. Artwork will lift your spirits.

Anonymous said...

Ok, my eyes are swelling up with tears. That is a beautiful tribute to Zen. I haven't seen it till now. Very original and very beautiful!