Monday, March 22, 2010

In For A Landing, 9 x 12 Pencil

Time passes too quickly. Finally a new post! I've been working on this for(...ahem...)quite a while, off and on. This is another study from the seagull photos I took last fall. What an amazing thing bird feathers are! Some feathers are for insulation, attraction, and as this study shows, for controlling flight. Here's an amazing video on YouTube of an owl landing, shot with a Photron SA2 Camera. I'm pretty sure that is what the owls' victims see for their last sight, probably in slow motion as well.


Claudia Marchand said...

Very sophisticated and elegant. One think I really love about this is the active participation of the viewer/artist. There is some unspoken poetry going on that this bird's flight metaphorically takes on, but it's there in gesture. I think at this point having to step away often has been to your benefit in that when you are present, you have to hone in on what you really want to say. Beautiful. I love the series that is developing from this seagull study.

Claudia Marchand said...

There is something more sculptural about this drawing than the others. The pencil is translating the object moving in space, not just the marks on the bird. I think that's what makes this drawing particularly sophisticated and compelling. Like Da Vinci's drawings, only your's has a feminine sensitivity, which is a good thing. More visual poetry. Embrace your inner sculptor!

Jeanne said...

Hi Lisa, I have missed hearing from you and Claudia. Hope you are well and working less. Spring is coming and you should be able to see lots of seagulls. My favorite show lately was seeing Jamey Wyeth's show of seagulls and sin. Whew, those seagulls were on the attack. I am so happy you are back to your art. Jeanne