Friday, January 8, 2010

Standing Ground, Pencil 9 x12 in

I guess I have a new thing for seagulls. I don't think that I thought about them much. Growing up in the Maine woods, crows, chickadees, and blue jays would probably be my first thought when asked to name a bird, but I guess living on the MA coast for over twenty years has expanded my bird world to include gulls and pigeons. The reference photos I took this fall are what I keep going back to. Something about how animated the seagulls are intrigues me, they seem to have a lot more expressions than a lot of the smaller birds do, maybe because they can be so much larger. When I was working on this drawing, I felt I was bringing out a feeling of intimidation from the 3 gulls in the background and the main subject gull was fluffing up, but still standing ground, in response to the others enchroaching in upon it. Not drawing the heads of the 3 in the background seems to lend itself to a slow feeling of impending danger. Those seagulls are mastering in drama, I tell you!

I'm still working on another gull pencil drawing, hope to work more on that this weekend. Hope everyone is keeping up with their New Years Resolutions. Mine are easy, Do more of what I love, Spend more time with the people I love, Enjoy each day. Simple resolutions, but easy to get off track with. Here's to staying on track!

Lisa B.