Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This is a watercolor and colored pencil on paper. The seagull was in a holding pattern about 6 feet up in the air, she was waiting for me to throw her some french fries as I was eating my lunch one nice Saturday. I was on the Salem, MA side of the Beverly/Salem Harbor. The rest of the gull's companions, or perhaps, competitors, for my fries were all on the ground, I was quite impressed with this one's willingness to work hard for the potential non-nutritious treat to come, and I took a few pictures of her floating above before I threw the fries on top of the roof of my car so she could reach them first. I also took some pics of the rest of the bunch charging, flapping and squawking their way towards the end of the fries.
Don't worry, they didn't get too many fries, and it was low tide, so right after the food frenzy cooled, they returned down to the harbor beach below and continued to forage for clams.
Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.

Lisa B.


Claudia Marchand said...

Very nice! Not nearly as evil as Wyeth's, but certainly very New England. I like how much detail is on the bird's body versus the looseness of the harbor. I also like how selective you were with what to include. I love the watercolor marks within the bird. Keep enjoying what you're doing!

Jeanne said...

A really fun and good painting. I can just see the seagulls waiting for a french fry. I agree with Claudia this seagull looks very tame compared to Jamie's. I was mesmerized by Wyeth's seagulls at his show in Maine. Especially since he had the seagulls screams on a tape, you thought at any moment they were coming out of the canvas. Love, Jeanne

Jeanne said...

Lisa, so happy to hear from you. I hope you are doing well and drawing. I lost a very dear friend, 41 years old to an aneurysm. I am heart sick. I need to get into the studio and paint and mourn.