Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pine Cones

This is 4th in the watercolor leaf series. It's evolved from just watercolors to also include colored pencil and guache, mixed media, really.

On my walk in the woods to pick up leaves, I couldn't pass these beauties by. While the slight needles of the pine tree only make an impact when they are in masses on the forest floor, the tree's cone is amazingly beautiful and sculptural, it's hard to choose which one to keep. When I first picked these up and started to draw from them on the first night, the cones were much tighter and compact. As I finished the painting on the second night, the seed scales had expanded and flexed outwards, so the shadows in the drawing had moved. I was able to fit some of the expansion into the painting, it feels more expressive that way.

I think this is the end of the current leaf series. I'm going to be working on my new endeavor, becoming an illustrator, by working on more illustrative drawings and paintings, putting an illustration portfolio together. I may be posting more sketches along the way, instead of waiting to finish a painting. I've been looking on the web for other illustrators and am amazed at the variety out there, so many different styles and areas of concentration, all very intriguing. I'm excited!

Lisa B.


Jeanne said...

Lisa, Your drawings are so sensitive and beautiful I am sure you will do some great work as an illustrator. It is very cold and gray today so I am keeping warm and doing some reading. My husband goes in for a total hip replacement on Monday. Jeanne

Lisa B. said...

Thank you, Jeanne! Hope your husband's operation is a great success. Take care.

Claudia Marchand said...

This is a lovely study of as you said, interpreting the sculptural in a flat drawing. In this piece you are using the medium as you dictate instead of allowing the medium to do it's thing. I think that was starting to happen for you in the first leaf, but certainly your confidence has grown quickly in this series — I hope you keep going since it is reflecting your determination. I think the reduced composition helps you focus on basing your drawing on what your subject is calling for; relying on your personal aesthetic and sensitivities to respond to nature and create your drawing. This is exceptional! I truly hope you continue to do more of these and not just focus on the illustrating because you have in just a few drawings come very far in feeling relaxed and confident in this subject/technique combination. It is important to remain confident as you proceed down a new avenue, so rely on this series to remind you of this feeling of mature sensitivity and love of nature. It will evolve as will you and be a strong piece in your portfolio. Follow your bliss!