Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oak Leaf and Acorn, Watercolor

This is 3rd in a series of autumn leaves in watercolor and colored pencil. I also added a couple of acorns into the painting to accompany the leaf. The acorns were at the base of the tree where I found the leaf, not many acorns were left after the animals had been around to gather their harvest for winter.

I love walking around in the woods, sketchbook and camera in hand, and finding something that I'd like to study a bit more. By drawing the subject, I get to know more about it, the different varieties of species, learning how it relates to other natural things in the area. I could get more and more detailed in my drawings, but using the watercolor helps me hone in on the color, shape, texture and overall feeling of the subject without getting the .025 pen out for super detail.

I just changed the color scheme of the blog today, I think there were too many colors before, a more neutral background shows off the artwork better. I'm going to also be making some other changes soon, more about that later.

Let me know if you all are liking the new neutral look, or if I should work on it more.

Lisa B.


Claudia Marchand said...

Congratulations on your decision to become an illustrator! I have always believed in your talent as an illustrator and am thrilled you are finally embracing what is a natural gift. What seems to come easy for you is astonishing. I love the realism in the middle acorn! Paint the adjectives you want to say.

Jeanne said...

Hi Lisa, Your leaves are beautiful. Fall is such a wonderful time to paint leaves. I was happy to see you drawing again. The opening of the scarf show was just great. Ten flew out the door in no time. We were all so happy. Jennifer and Kim and Guy hung the show so beautifully. I came in the store at 9 am and I was just speechless. My class started at 9:30 and ended at 11:30 and the show's opening was noon to 3 pm. It was just a smooth opening. Good food, good art and lots of happy people. I was back in this morning for my Tues.morning class and someone was waiting to see me. A long time friend came in and bought a long scarf. What a thrill Lisa. Love and keep on drawing. Jeanne