Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Maple Leaf

This is a watercolor with colored pencil. I'm working on a series of autumn leaf paintings on paper. I'm loving how the two mediums compliment each other. The watercolor allows me to play with the intensity of the pigments, the flow of each color morphing into the other. Then the colored pencils let me dive in and pull details out that I think heighten and strengthen the piece. I'm trying to keep the details at just the right level of realism and not to go too overboard, a little mystery keeps the eye happy.

Lisa B.

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Claudia Marchand said...

Nice! Glad to see you are finding time to keep it going. I think this series will lead you to new dimensions in witnessing the beauty of nature. There's a whole microcosm to explore within the leaf shape. Do you at this point feel that you should be true to the leaf? At some point after you draw many more of them, do you feel that you may expand on what is there, as your imagination and the leaf become one? I love the combination of the watercolor and drawing. Keep going! Fill a wall ceiling to floor!