Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Autumn Leaf. Watercolor, 9 x 12 in

This is a watercolor with wax resist and colored pencil. All of the gorgeous fall colors out here in Massachusetts, I had to be influenced. Sorry for the long absence, I've been working a lot of overtime at my full time job. The economy seems to be sputtering back. I've been doing a lot of quick sketches to keep the flow, but I've only been able to spend small amounts of time being creative, and I'm too slow a painter, the acrylic I'm working on is still work in progress. So I decided to stay with watercolors while my time is limited for the near future. I've missed blogging! I'm going to spend a few nights catching up on everyone else's blogs.

Lisa B.


Jeanne said...

Hi Lisa, this leaf is gorgeous. Good for you. I also love doing leaves and I love doing watercolor and wax. It is actually how I do my silk scarves. I wax and then do the painting. I have been doing this technique for a long time and have done very well with it. Yours is totally lovely. Sp nice to hear from you. Love, Jeanne

Claudia Marchand said...

This is a lovely study of fluid mark making and the subtle drama an artist can create with color. The chartreuse against the earthy browns create a living energy. There is so much drama in one leaf! There's also a world of visual play. I would love to see a series of these, and see them all hung together to make a grand statement. Keep going - even the few minutes it takes to make this is time well spent in the studio. Your ideas are percolating, I can tell.

Holly DeWolf said...

Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for buying my book and all your wonderful words. I wish you all the creative best. Cheers!