Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Evening Tea, 5 x 7 in watercolor

Well, it's nice to be back! I've been working way too hard at my full time job and haven't had the time to spend any amount of quality time painting. So this one is a watercolor I did a couple of weeks ago. I bought a different type of watercolor paper (new to me anyway), Fabriano 140 lb Hot Press. I'd only used the cheaper brand cold press with the rough texture before and I'd wondered what the difference would be. I like the hot press much better. It has a more velvety feel and can take more layers of color. The cold press starts to shed with multiple layers. It might just be me and my technique, but I liked the hot press watercolor paper right away. Sometimes you just know when something works for you, even if it doesn't for someone else.

I have been doing some very small sketches, taking breaks during my busy days. Just trying to keep the flow going, even if I'm not able to really concentrate on a larger painting. I hope the picture translates well, the painting looks a lot richer in real life, maybe I need to scan at a higher resolution.

Happy first day of Fall to all! See some color!
Lisa B.


Jeanne said...

Evening Tea is wonderful. I wish we could sit and have a cup right now. Just came back from a walk with Missy my little Shih Tzu, we do love our walk. I picked up a couple of maple leaves to paint. I am really putting all my effort into the silk scarves. I finished one before the walk and now to work on another one 30" x 30". I was happy to see your new painting. Jeanne

Claudia Marchand said...

Nice painting! I love all the watery lines where you're just subtly allowing the paint to do what it wants to, with a little control. Looks like you are appreciating what little leisure time you can find! I hope you are enjoying it. I love hot press paper. I have the Arches tablets of hot press in two sizes. It takes all media and layers of them. It is so lovely it's easy to let the paper inpart its voice along with the colors and lines.

Claudia Marchand said...

Your recent paintings have been flooded with light—I think that's your strength, your sensitivity to the light. (And all these years you cast down on yourself for not being able to wear sunscreen!) I'm so happy you've discovered watercolor.

Jeanne said...

Hi Lisa, I am back and working on the scarves. I missed blogging. How are you? I've missed hearing from you too. Love, Jeanne