Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Growing Higher- acrylic, 8 x 10 in

Wow, finally posting again. I've somehow become busy enough the last two weeks to only spend an hour here and there painting. I'm currently working on another painting at the same time, but time was lapsing, so I thought I'd better finish one. This one is from a bunch of pictures I took a couple of weeks ago at Brooksby Farm in Peabody, MA. The macintosh apples were very close to ready to pick, I can't wait! I thought I'd start off a painting series of trees with the young trees stretching for the sky, a good metaphor for anyone who is working towards new goals, stretching their wings. The colors in the leaves were varied, yellow as the sunlight illuminated through, dark green in the shadows, and grayish white in the high sun. It was nice to try to capture all of the variations in hue and tone.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dancing Leaves, 9 x 12 in acrylic

This weekend was wonderful, great sunlight, perfect summer temperature. I went up to Rockport, MA yesterday and walked around Bearskin Neck. You know, where the famous red building "Motif #1" is. There were a lot of wonderful artists and galleries there. A few less than there were last year, unfortunately, due to the recession. One of my favorites that is still there is Susanne White's "The White Seagull Gallery". She has a great sense of color, shape, and natural coastal beauty.

I actually painted this painting in a day and a half. Pretty quick for me. This was the first time I started with a black background, I think it helped me achieve a faster sense of tonal quality that usually takes me quite a while to achieve. I think I'll try working that way for a while. I painted this because I love walking through the woods. The light filtering through the dense foliage and falling on the soft forest floor is something I've always wanted to paint, but never got around to it. I think I'll start a series on this theme.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

This one is from my backyard. I have a lovely Hibiscus tree that I move outside in the summer and it blossoms with the most impressive blooms. I liked the foreshortened view that makes it look like the flower is giant. I worked on this one for two weeks off and on. At times I wanted to paint over it, but I'd put it away and work on the foxgloves. Which was also giving me grief. Bounced back and forth between two paintings that I wasn't feelin' the love from either, but I was determined and kept at it. I think this one came out well after all. Sometimes all you need to do is give it time.

Foxglove, finished

Well, here's the finished Foxglove. I tried to do something different with the background, but in the end, I just made it a little darker or lighter in areas. I took some advice and added little areas of yellow on the petals to contrast with the purple,and in person, this does add a lot more visual interest. I tried too hard to think of something different for the background, and just couldn't step away from it. Sometimes I have a one track mind and it won't let me stray and open up to different possiblities. Ah well, on to the next.