Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Foxglove. Work In Progress

I'm still working on this one. The background has been intimidating me. I'm not quite sure how much color I want to put into it, but it needs something. I saw Jeanne's newest painting, "Two Daisies", over at Studio Jeanne, and I loved how she let loose and showed such vibrancy and movement. I'll work on the Foxgloves more tomorrow night. Any suggestions on color? Go darker or lighter?

Now I'm off to wander the web and peek in on what other people are working on!

Lisa B.


Claudia Marchand said...

This is lovely! Revisit your original painting and see if it enlightens you to how to resolve the background. Perhaps it would gain a little depth from a slightly darker shade? Think of the opposite colors on the color wheel making things visually pop. It doesn't take much, a hint of an opposing tertiary color could do the trick.

Jeanne said...

Lisa, Thank you for mentioning my blog. I like you love to be loose and free but then I tend to tighten up again. I am working on strawberries now and hope it will be a winner. Jeanne